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Managing Yourself

Most people on the planet are not good at managing themselves.

Managing yourself, day in, day out, is one of the hardest things in the world.

These courses will enable you to improve your day-to-day individual behavioural awareness, effectiveness and performance.


Achieving Task
Getting things done well, and on time, is satisfying. The need to get things done is never-ending.

Scoping and measuring tasks, and what constitutes achievement, isn’t easy. Goals and deadlines aren’t always realistic, or achieved, many of us experience feeling driven by the imperatives of too many tasks, onerous deadlines and the pressure of too much to achieve in too little time.

These course will enable you to improve your approach to the achievement of tasks in your personal and working life.

Relating to People

Life is, mostly, a team game. Humans are gregarious and need, and benefit from, the family, social and work groups in which they exist.

Managing the ways in which we relate to others is critical to our effectiveness, achievement and well-being and to their motivation, support and performance.

These courses will enable you to improve your ability to get results through your interactions with others.


Tuning Performance

In every sense of the word, performance is not a static destination, it is a dynamic and ever-changing process. Once you have arrived, you have to set off again immediately if you want to stay vital, stay relevant, stay competitive, stay in the game.

Improving performance on an on-going basis requires rigorous analysis of results, actively looking for ways in which to make change for improved performance, getting good at disrupting the status quo, listening to people.

These courses will enable you to develop high-level behavioural skills in constant performance improvement.


Access All Areas

These longer courses cover all the FourSight categories: Managing Yourself, Achieving Task, Relating to People, Tuning Performance.

They link all elements of the FourSight approach, with a particular emphasis on how each category relates to improved performance.

Each of these courses provides an intense, confronting experience from which you will gain a profound, practical understanding which will transform your behavioural awareness, effectiveness and performance.

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