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Behavioural Development -
Why it’s So Important

Behavioural approaches to individual, team and organisational effectiveness involve looking at current ways of operating, ways which would work better and identifying the gap.

Human behaviour is learnt over millennia and over the few short years of every human life and is essentially about survival: physical, cultural, social and emotional at an individual, group, organisational, societal and national level.

Behavioural development requires heightened self-awareness and an increased awareness of others. Understanding what motivates us, makes us tick and behave as we do gives us stable foundations for productive change.

It concentrates on developing the insight to see what is working, what isn’t working and what would be needed to move from one to the other.

It requires the ability to look objectively and rationally at oneself and others, the willingness to contemplate and implement change and the bigness to get on with it.

Because behavioural development gets results, it is inherently motivational: things get better so people want to do more of it.

The essence of Dropping the Pilot behavioural development and training is FourSight which focuses on four categories of behaviour:

Managing Yourself

Achieving Task

Relating to People

Tuning Performance


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